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Our Treatments



Neuro-Ophthalmology The neuro-ophthalmology service takes care of patients with loss of vision, double vision, eye movement abnormalities, orbital syndromes, and ophthalmologic problems related but not limited to cerebro vascular diseases, tumor, head trauma, neurodegenerative diseases, infection, and inflammation. In addition to comprehensive clinical assessment of visual [...]


Paediatric Ophthalmology

Paediatric Ophthalmology Paediatric eye disease is fundamentally different from adult eye disease and should be treated in a different way. We got a fully dedicated paediatric  ophthalmic team to bring the light  in to the world of colorsPaediatric Ophthalmology unit in  Simons  eye care deals with [...]


Squint and Ocular Motility

Squint and Ocular Motility Squint is a misalignment of the two eyes so that both the eyes are not looking in the same direction. This misalignment may be constant, being present throughout the day or it may appear sometimes and the rest of the time [...]


Retina & Vitreous Service

Retina & Vitreous Service What is a retina: The retina is the third and inner coat of the eye which is a light-sensitive layer of tissue. Diseases of the retina, the vitreous, and the optic nerve can cause serious vision problems. Fortunately, most of them can [...]


Cornea & Refractive Services

Cornea & Refractive Services The Corneal Service at our Centre provides medical and surgical care to a wide variety of corneal, external eye related diseases and anterior segment eye disorders. Cornea & External eye diseases: Corneal Infections Eye allergies Corneal complications arising from other forms [...]



Glaucoma What is glaucoma : Glaucoma is a condition that causes damage to your eye's optic nerve and gets worse over time. It's often linked to a build up of pressure inside your eye. The first sign is often a loss of peripheral, or side, [...]


General Eye Checkup

General Eye Checkup A basic eye exam usually begins with taking a medical history and asking questions about the patient’s general health and past and current eye problems. During the examination, three areas of eye function are assessed: visual acuity and refraction, binocular vision (how [...]


Contact lens department at Simons is well equipped to cater the requirement of all types of patients. We provide basic and various specialty contact lens including Toric soft contact lenses, Custom made lenses, Cosmetic (color contact lenses), which enables one to change the eye color we also provide daily disposable /monthly disposable/yearly disposable contact lenses.

Contact lenses are the smallest, least visible, the finest of all devices for correcting refractive errors of the eye. Prescribing and fitting contact lenses have become an integral part of today’s comprehensive ophthalmology practice. A majority of people use contact lenses for cosmetic purposes. Other reasons for wearing contact lenses include occupational preferences, sports and therapeutic use.

Advantages of contact lenses

There are several advantages of contact lenses and they are:

  • Fewer magnification effects
  • Decreased peripheral and chromatic aberrations
  • Increase decrease in aniseikonia and anisometropia
  • Good cosmetic appearance
  • Permits better correction for refractive errors that occur with keratoconus and irregular astigmatism

Safer for athletes and other sports people

We provide all the necessary ocular drugs through our pharmacy outlet.

All routine investigation being done here

One major OT   and one minor OTwith strict asepsis of international standards which is monitored at periodic intervals with an infection control protocol laid down by a committee of experts

Our sole aim is to strike an ideal balance between quality and trend. We have in store for you a varied array of products, which includes designer frames, branded sunglasses and contact lenses. Our Optical has pioneered the evolution of Progressive lenses, which are true multi-focal lenses that provide a seamless progression of lens strength, so that you can see at any distance. We offer a large selection of branded cooling glasses and carry the latest designer Eye-wear collections in a variety of styles, colors and materials including titanium, stainless steel and plastic at affordable prices. You can avail branded products within a short time fraction and we can provide the opportunity for all customers to enjoy and experience the latest trends and styles in designer frames and quality eye-wear from around the world without exorbitant price tags.

Some of the popular brands available in our outlets